We offer the right solution for every demand – ranging from conventional to organic Fairtrade. A multitude of certifications guarantee these different product standards.


We offer a multitude of products in certified organic quality. The certified organic farming guarantees a natural and organically friendly growth of the fruits. Our organic code number is DE-ÖKO-039 (Port International ORGANICS GmbH).



Fairtrade certifies the controlled trade with products at fixed prices and is controlled by the worldwide organized Fairtrade Labelling Organisation (FLO).

Both consumers and producers benefit from Fairtrade. Consumers obtain strictly controlled and organically-grown products. Producers get fair and stable prices as well as an additional Fairtrade premium which can be reinvested locally into ecological and social projects.

We are one of the Fairtrade pioneers and have been committed to this cause for decades. Read more about Fairtrade here.

FLO Certificate PIF
FLO Certificate PIO

IFS Broker


IFS Broker is a standard especially designed for brokers, agents and importers and assures the products’ safety and quality.

The standard certifies that all involved parties act according to the product safety and quality demands. Brokers, agents and importers are also obligated to inspect their suppliers with regard to regulatory and contractual requirements.  Port International passed the last certification with 98.6 percent and has once again reached the advanced level.

IFS Certificate Port International Fruit GmbH
IFS Certificate Port International Bananas GmbH
IFS Certificate Port International Organics GmbH
IFS Certificate Port International Dutch Growers B.V.



GLOBALG.A.P. is a voluntary business-to-business standard for safe and sustainable food production. G.A.P. stands for Good Agricultural Practice.

The GLOBALG.A.P. standard for fruits and vegetables covers all stages of production, from the activities prior to harvest such as land management and the plant protection to the product handling after harvesting, packaging and storage.

Rainforest Alliance


The Rainforest Alliance is an internationally recognized standard for environmental, social and economic sustainability.

QS System

QS Certificate Port International Dutch Growers B.V.

SwissGAP & Suisse Garantie