Fairtrade bananas – in conventional and organic quality 

Our Fairtrade and organic Fairtrade bananas are grown in the sunshiny countries of South America and the Carribbean, especially in Peru and Ecuador.

For decades, we have been supporting a socially and ecologically friendly banana production – for the rights of the employees and for more justice in trading.

The certified banana cooperatives get paid stable prices for Fairtrade bananas with the goal to improve their working and living conditions.  Moreover, the growers get paid an additional Fairtrade premium. The cooperations themselves decide how the Fairtrade premium is used: For the construction of drinking water springs, the construction or renovation of streets and schools, for medical provisions, further trainings or others.

Our Fairtrade bananas are available in various packaging options, designs and as private label.

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Our Fairtrade  banana brand


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