Our social aid project 2015

In the province of Sullana (Peru), children and teenagers lack meaningful leisure activities – a deficit which unfortunately often leads to problems such as alcohol and drug abuse as well as membership in youth gangs. To counteract these problems in that poor region, we started a soccer project in 2015.

With this sports project, we have created a safe haven and a meaningful leisure activity for more than 250 children and teenagers from age  4 to 15.

A technical director, two assistants and a goalkeeper specialist organize trainings for the kids four times a week. Fixed working sessions and the division of the kids into three different age groups aim not only at boosting sportsmanship. Above all, this project is about the communication of values such as discipline, team spirit and ambition as well as respect for your fellow people and the environment. In addition, the kids learn to cooperate and to pay attention to hygiene, cleanliness, order, morals and manners.

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